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Baby Girl (top), Blue Sapphire (middle), and Peridot (bottom) lipgloss

Dragon Cove Cosmetics

Never Be Afraid To Be You


Mother-Daughter Business

Baby Girl (top), Blue Sapphire (middle), And Peridot (Bottom)



Dragon Cove Cosmetics is a mother, daughter company that values the highest of morels and ethics from both ourselves and those we work with to bring you the best quality of products possible.

True honesty and integrity are hard to find.  That is why we strive to use these principles with all of those we interact with no matter if they are a supplier, a customer, or just someone with a suggestion to make.  Our Forum is a place that you can leave suggestions. These suggestions will always be taken in the manner in which they are received so feel free to be honest with your thoughts and ideas. All we ask is that you remain respectful. We do not engage in politics here at Dragon Cove Cosmetics so if a Question is of that nature it will go unanswered.  



Dragon Cove Cosmetics

255 E. Rancho Vista Way

Cottonwood, AZ

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